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Cobblestone Cleaning Company specializes in both commercial and residential window cleaning. Save time and put an end to grimy and smeared windows.

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"We were very pleased with the quality and efficiency of Cobblestone's work on our windows. We felt it was a good value."

Marilyn D., Double Diamond, Alpine, TX


We provide businesses regular monthly store-front window washing services for a low rate. Cobblestone Cleaning Company can do this because we line up several businesses in a row by week and do several in a day. If you wish to be included on our busy window washing schedule call (432) 294-0184 to be included. (Prices vary as per the size of store front. To inquire about pricing for your location, call today).


Don’t bother your maid with something that should be handled by professionals. Get the shine of new windows without the $5000 price tag and skip the long list of home remedies.

You may be surprised how far a much smaller budget can go with Cobblestone Cleaning Company's professional window washing and polishing system. We have customers who love our service so much they have us do this yearly or semi-annually. We can also polish hard water damage from ground water spray. In most cases hard water damage can be removed. If your view is worth it, call us at (432) 294-0184 today for an estimate.

Our normal rate is $65/man/hr (1 hr minimum). Note that prices may vary due to size, accessibility, or hard water damage. Load, travel, and set-up costs are $35 locally and $75/hr for out of town (Alpine, TX).


Commercial - Call for a quote

Residential - Our normal rate is $65/man/hr (1 hr minimum)

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Commercial Window Cleaning by Cobblestone Cleaning Company

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We are bonded and insured for your safety, and offer personnel with high security clearance where necessary.

We do cleaning and window washing in Alpine, Marfa, Fort Davis, Marathon, Presidio, Sanderson, Lajitas, Terlingua, Van Horn, Valentine, Texas.