Window Washing and Polishing

The service that started it all in the year 2000 as The Window Guy now Cobblestone Cleaning Company specializes in commercial and residential window cleaning.  Are you tired of window spray and a pile of dirty paper-towels?  Frustrated because your windows still look smeared and smudged no matter how much you clean them?  This service is for you.

Commercial -A vary appreciated service, we provide businesses regular monthly store-front window washing services for a low rate.  Cobblestone Cleaning Company can do this because we line up several business in a row by week and do several in a day.  If you wish to be included on our busy window washing schedule call (432) 837-2123 to be included.  (Prices vary as per the size of store front.  To inquire about pricing for your location call today). 

Residential – Don’t bother your maid with something that should be handled by professionals.  Are you missing that new window clear view.  Have you forgotten what daylight through your kitchen window is actually supposed to look like?  Is a costly window replacement on your life long bucket list?  Does the budget for $5000.00 or more for new windows never seem to materialize?  Tired of trying home remedies like vinegar, lemons, consumer gimmicks, Windex, and spit?  Do you start on window washing only to give up after 5th window and a sore arm?  

You may be surprised how far a much smaller budget can go with Cobblestone Cleaning Company's professional window washing and polishing system.  We have customers who love our service so much they have us do this yearly or semi-annually.  We can also polish hard water damage from ground water spray.  In most cases hard water damage can be removed. If your view is worth it call us (432) 837-2123.  Our normal rate is $65/man/hr (1 hr minimum).  We have the equipment end experience to move through a job in hours that may take you or your maid days.  (Please note:  We do not give estimates for residential window washing as every job is different and some windows may take longer than normal to clean due to hard water damage.  However a general rule of thumb is $1.75-$3.00 /pane/side.  Prices may vary more than this due to size, accessibility, or hard water damage.  Our rule is to clean until the customer is happy.  If some windows are worse than others but not of great importance to the customer the customer may decide for a wash only and forgo any polishing for that window.  This is why we allow the customer to decide as we move through the job.)  Load, travel, and set-up costs are $35 locally and $65/ hr for out of town (Alpine, Tx).

We are bonded and insured for your safety, and offer personnel with high security clearance where necessary.