Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Please note: Cobblestone Cleaning Company utilizes the most powerful professional portable steam cleaning machines, (not truck mount models).  So whats the difference?  Our machines are the same kind used by 5 star hotels across America.  When the Hilton or Marriott Hotel needs carpet cleaning they don't call “Bubbas Carpet Cleaners” and have them run 2000 ft of hoses up to the 6th floor window to clean a room.  They use strong professional portable models whereby they can go into the room and close the door behind them.  What this means for you!  No open doors or windows allowing for flies and mosquitoes while we clean.  No renting cheap and frustrating carpet shampooers that may leave a lot of soap behind.  And no long hoses running across pavement, lawn, garden, dog poo, and flower beds and then into your house.  You get the same if not better cleaning done with far less hoses.      

Carpet Steam Cleaning and Rug Steam Cleaning- Are your carpets looking poorly, heavily tracked, or stained.  Before you decide to pay $1500 or more on new carpets you may be surprised what a professional Carpet Cleaning or Rug Cleaning can do for you.  Have you wasted  time and money before on a rental shampooer, or a weak consumer-grade closet stuffer. Do you have stains like cool-aid, gum, grease, or food that you fear wont come out.  Are you tired of trying home remedies and “As Seen On TV” snake oil wonder cleaners.  You may be in for a surprise with our professional carpet cleaningCobblestone Cleaning Company's carpet cleaning system can handle nylon, polyester, olefin, mohair, and wool carpets.  You can also drop off rugs at your convenience to our location (by appointment) to be professionally cleaned.  Our prices start at $0.19/sq.ft. (nylon/polyester) or $85/man/hr with an $85 service minimum.  Olefin carpets are $0.22/sq.ft. or $95/man/hr with a $95 service miniumu, and wool is $0.28/sq.ft. or $105/man/hr with a $1055 service minimum.  For service calls that require furniture moving or other non-standard parameters we simply charge $65 per man per hour.  Load, travel, and set-up costs are $35 locally and $65/ hr for out of town (Alpine, Tx).   

Upholstery Steam Cleaning - Are your couches and fabric chairs getting grimy? Does your favorite relax spot smell a little malodorous?  Is your car, truck, or van an embarrassment?  Have you been considering new upholstery for hundreds or even thousands of dollars?   Cobblestone Cleaning Company' can help with our upholstery cleaning system.  Our upholstery cleaning cost is $95/man/hr with most couches taking between ½ an hour  to 1 ½  hours, or automobiles about 2 hours.  We have a $95 service minimum and our Load, travel and Setup fee at $35 locally or $65/hr for out side city limits.  Call (432)-837-2123

Tile Floor Steam Cleaning- Does your kitchen tile look greasy and dingy? Does your bathroom tile look like it needs some serious scouring action?  Are you afraid to look behind your stove or refrigerator?  Does the thought of trying to clean the grout exhaust you before you even get started?  Don't be afraid to give Cobblestone Cleaning Company a call. (432)837-2123.  We have a Tile Floor  Cleaning solution for you.  Our rate is $85/hr with a 1 hr minimum. (Please note if we have a 2 man crew we can move faster potentially making the higher per hour cost factor out to the same or less over-all cost.)   Load, travel, and set-up costs are $35 locally and $65/ hr for out of town (Alpine, Tx).

We are bonded and insured for your safety, and offer personnel with high security clearance where necessary.