Janitorial or Maid Services

Maid Service 
If you have a home, are elderly, are disabled, or are just a mom or dad with far to much to handle you may be in need of  regular maid service.  Let Cobblestone Cleaning Company set you up with maid service that is right for your schedule.  Whether you need daily help or just once a week help Cobblestone Cleaning Company is here for you.  Our rates are $38.25/maid/hour for a one time cleaning or $31.25/maid/hour for regular service. All jobs have a 1 hr minimum.  (Please note: first time service calls are always $38.25/hr) Call Cobblestone Cleaning Company (432)837-2123  

Janitorial Service
If you need cleaning service for a business  Cobblestone Cleaning Company's janitorial service is what you need.  Whether you need a simple “bathroom, trash, vacuum, and dash”, or your business needs a full scale machine cleaning on a regular basis let Cobblestone Cleaning Company set you up with janitorial service that is right for your needs and schedule.  Call Cobblestone Cleaning Company (432)837-2123 and let us give you a janitorial service quote.

We are bonded and insured for your safety, and offer personnel with high security clearance where necessary.