Floor Stripping, Waxing and Buffing

Do your floors lack the luster they once had? Did they ever have a good shinny finish on them? Has consumer grade solutions that sound like Mop-N-Shine left you with coffee brown where once there was rich color? Do you still have nightmares about the last time you tried to strip and wax them yourself? Let Cobblestone Cleaning Company put their machines and knowledge to work on your floor.  

Floor Stripping- This is one of the most difficult cleaning processes for professionals and worse for amateurs. Many people undertake to strip the old finish from a floor and find that they made a big mistake. Experience and the proper equipment is essential for proper floor stripping. Why pay more for floor stripping by going cheap? Do it right the first time by calling Cobblestone Cleaning Company (432)837-2123. Our rates are $0.22/sq.ft. or $85/man/hr with an $85 service minimum. This price includes chemicals, equipment, pads, and labor. We know what works and what doesn’t. Call for special commercial rates. 

Floor scrubbing and washing- If your floor doesn’t need to be stripped of any old finishes but just needs to be scrubbed with a good floor machine now is as good a time as any. At only $0.11/sq.ft. or $65/man/hr. You cant beat having a good clean floor. (Note: $65 service minimum.) This is also important if you are going to apply a finish to your floor. What is the difference between floor scrubbing and moping? Lots! Mopping doesn’t remove all of the dirt and grime from a floor but actually leaves a swirl of residue behind. If you apply a finish to this you will seal under that film beneath your new floor finish and may look like something that needs to be mopped up but wont come out. A floor scrubber actually applies cleaning solution, scrubs it around, and extracts it off of the floor with a powerful vacuum. Why pay more for floor scrubbing by going cheap? Do it right the first time by calling Cobblestone Cleaning Company (432)837-2123.  

Floor Waxing- This is the common term given to today’s floor finishing. Few people today will actually use the old school slippery floor paste wax, but the term has stuck. After a floor has been scrubbed or stripped it is ready for that new fresh coat of polymer floor finish or floor waxing. We use the proper finish application methods, and aim to leave you with a dazzling looking floor.The cost is $0.08/sq.ft./coat for residential projects, and $0.05/sq.ft./coat for larger commercial areas. We have am $85 service minimum for floor waxing. It is recommended that a residential floor have at least 3-5 coats of finish applied. Commercial and high traffic areas may need as many as 8-12 coats. The more coats the better the quality of shine. Especially when combined with a proper burnishing (buffing) regiment. Please note: It is never recommended that consumer grade finishes like Mop-N-Sparkle be used as a floor finish as it seals under dirty mop water residue and will leave your floor looking more and more dingy every time it is used. It can also be very difficult to strip off. Why pay more by going cheap? Do it right the first time by calling Cobblestone Cleaning Company (432)837-2123. Call for special commercial quotes. 

Floor Buffing, Floor Burnishing, or Floor Polishing- Low speed buffing or high speed burnishing, most don’t know the difference but both are techniques for floor polishingFloor buffing involves using a low speed (150-200 rpm's) and is the old way of floor polishingFloor burnishing is a high speed technique with a machine that rotates at speeds of 1500-3000rpm's. High speed floor burnishing is a floor polishing technique that sear's the polymer finish into a bright shine with less time by means of heat and pressure. Our price for floor burnishing, floor buffing, or floor polishing of any other kind is $65/man/hr (1 hr minimum) or call for special commercial rates. Cobblestone Cleaning Company can even accommodate your business with low cost regular floor burnishing service to keep your floors bright.   Why pay more by going cheap?  Do it right the first time by calling Cobblestone Cleaning Company (432)837-2123

We are bonded and insured for your safety, and offer personnel with high security clearance where necessary.